Application Instructions

Application Instructions

Vinyl graphic definitions:


Your vinyl decal comes "sandwiched" in 3 pieces:

Clear transfer tape – use to hold the decal together.

Vinyl decal – the decal/sticker.

Backing paper – the paper backing that is peeled off first when installing.


step 1 - Clean area

Clean smooth surface with soapy dish detergent, wipe with clean cloth and dry thoroughly. Finally wipe surface again with rubbing alcohol. Surface temperature should be between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (between 10 and 32 degrees Celsius).


step 2 - Wipe top decal

Take a squeegee and wipe top decal several times on a hard, smooth surface to make decal adhere to clear transfer tape.


step 3 - Peel off backing paper

Peel decal away from backing paper. Decal will be stuck to clear transfer tape.


step 4 - Lay decal down

Carefully lay decal down with one end first. Use squeegee to finish laying down the rest of the decal.


step 5 - Pressing out air bubbles

Use squeegee to finish pressing out air bubbles.


step 6 - Wait

Wait 2-3 mins. before step 7.


step 7 - Peel clear transfer tape

Slowly peel clear transfer tape away from surface.


That's all!


Video Instructions

Do not wash the car for a few days after sticker application. Give the sticker adhere enough.